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Salt Lake Minerals extracts and compounds the finest trace minerals found anywhere in the world.

We combine hundreds of years of tradition with state of the art refining technology to give you superior products for a healthy lifestyle.

Salt Lake Minerals is the world leading supplier of trace minerals in both liquid and powder form.

Our unique trace minerals are similar to those found in the sea, but because they are extracted from the Great Salt Lake and Inland Sea, evaporating and concentrating over hundreds of thousands of years, they are many more times as concentrated as those found in the Pacific Ocean.

Secondly, through a proprietary process the minerals are further concentrated resulting in a low sodium / high alkaline supplement. Additionally the minerals are filtered to assure they are 100% pure, contaminant and chemical free.

Quality assurance of our trace minerals is certified.

Salt Lake Minerals is a food grade manufacturer regularly inspected by government agencies at both our bottling facility and our extraction site out on the Great Salt Lake. We proudly carry the Certificate of Free Sale and GMP Inspection from the State of Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.

At Salt Lake Minerals we are confident we can help you whether you would like the minerals bottled and labeled under your company's name, or added as a raw ingredient to one of your existing products. Our minerals will enhance the quality of your products, add value, and allow you to make label claims of 72 major minerals and trace minerals.


Salt Lake Minerals announces two exciting new developments!

Salt Lake Minerals is proud to announce that we have moved to a new and updated manufacturing plant located at: 3155 North Highway 89, North Ogden, UT 84404.

Additionally, all products that were originally marketed in China and throughout Asia under the Salt Lake Minerals brand are in the process of being switched over to Elements of Health LLC. Due to our international growth and increasing presence outside of the United States it is necessary for us to make this change.

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E-MAIL: info@saltlakeminerals.com
3155 North Highway 89, North Ogden, UT 84404

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